This event was initially inspired by a similar event in Geelong, Victoria in early 2014. Bendigo woman Jody Hardiman thought to take this initiative nationwide annually, so created an event on Facebook for with the aim to honour and thank our brave and courageous fire fighters Australia wide. 

The idea is simple, fly a 'Thank You Fireys©' balloon from your letterbox, fence, business window on the 28th of February (the last official day of Summer in Australia), to let our fire fighters know just how much we appreciate their dedication, hard work and tireless efforts in protecting our lives, our homes and our communities throughout the year.  Often our fire fighters, both professional and volunteer, leave their family, home or community to help protect ours.

Over the course of the first week, the Facebook event page had grown in support to more than 6,000 participating community members and there was an overwhelming call for official ‘Thank You Fireys’© Red Balloons to be made available for everyone to purchase in order to raise money for our our fire fighters.  With the help of Bendigo promotional company  Ad Infinitem, these balloons were made available for purchase so all of Australia could unite to show our thanks on Thank You Fireys Day on 28th Feburary every year.

Fundraising Efforts

Together with the sale of the ‘Thank You Fireys’© merchandise, we hope to not only thank our fire fighting heroes, but to assist in raising funds for Volunteer Fire Brigades, Australia wide. All proceeds from this fundraising event will go directly back to the state from which they are purchased. 

For instance, if someone from South Australia purchases official NRBD 'Thank You Fireys'© fundraising merchandise, all proceeds from their purchase will be donated back to Volunteer Fire Brigades in South Australia, if you live in Victoria funds from the proceeds of your purchase will go back to Volunteer Fire Brigades in Victoria, and so forth.

It should be noted that 100% of profits go back to the brigades. All committee members and area representatives are volunteers. Thank You Fireys Incorporated does not make profit from any fundraising.

Thank You Fireys Incorporated is registered under the Department of Justice - Consumer Affairs Victoria, Section 18B(1) of Fundraising Act 1998 (the Act) Registration Number 12886.

Local Area Pages

As our organisation continues to grow we now have local area pages on Facebook so people are aware of what National Red Balloon Day activities are happening in their local area.

National Page - Australia Wide

The Barossa Valley - South Australia

Central Victoria

Nathalia - Victoria

Gold Coast - Queensland

North East Victoria

2018 Audit Report

Our 2018 campaign was once again a success with $4902.77 being raised for Volunteer Fire Brigades throughout Australia. The finances for Thank You Fireys Inc were independently audited by Bendigo Accounting Firm MGR Accountants, ensuring that the administration of funds is done in accordance with our fundraising obligations and committments. You can view a copy of the 2018 Audit Report here (3.0mb .pdf).

2018 Donations to Volunteer Fire Brigades

2018 saw us raise $4902.77 to go back to volunteer fire brigades. The committee have decided to split the donations in the following way New South Wales: 3 x $100 donations with $84.28 carried over to next year. Northern Territory: $14.93 to be carried over to next year. Queensland: 3 x $100 with $18.84 carried over to next year. South Australia: 6 x$100 Tasmania: $43.94 carried over to next year. Victoria: 4 x $500 with $69.17 carried over to next year. Western Australia: $1390.55 donated to The Fiona Wood Foundation.

  • Please download an application for donations form here
  • Community Events

    Along with the Thank You Fireys campaign to see our streets flying with red 'Thank You Fireys©' balloons for our Aussie heroes, there has been an outpouring of support from others in the community who have decided to host their own fundraising event in conjunction with TYF (listed in our events section), to assist with sending the community message of ‘Thanks’ and also with raising funds for their own local Fire Services. If you have a fundraising event planned for Thank You Fireys Day, please feel free contact us with the details and we'll include it on this website.

    Balloons and Safe Use

    We'd like to take a moment to remind people about using our official 'Thank You Fireys'© Balloons safely for our event. In no way do we want to cause any environmental damage or risk wildlife injury, so we ask that everyone using our balloons are mindful to safely secure their balloons to their letterbox, fence or business with ribbon or string for the day and thoughtfully dispose of them at the end of the day into a rubbish bin.

    Thank You Fireys Inc does not endorse the use of Helium in our official 'Thank You Fireys'© Balloons simply because if a balloon were to escape, it may encourage drifting into unwanted areas or water catchments thus endangering wildlife. We also only use biodegradable balloons. We also ask that our official 'Thank You Fireys'© Balloons are not used in community Balloon Release events, as we believe this could potentially be harmful to our environment and wildlife.

    Thank You

    We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to YOU, the Australian community for helping us to bring this day of thanks to life.  Thank You Fireys Inc has been so well received, and hopefully, will continue for many years to come, as we continue to formally acknowledge the tremendous work our Firefighters do, for each and every one of us and our local communities.

    If you have any queries regarding this special day, please email the organisers of the event at info@thankyoufireys.org. Again, thank you in joining us to say “THANK YOU” to our unsung heroes: Australia's Fire Fighters.

    Thank You Fireys Inc Team